BMW Exhaust Valve/Flap Controller

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Valvetronic Designs is proud to now offer our exhaust controllers for use with most BMWs. This small plug and play unit connects into the factory wiring harness and allows the driver full control of the exhaust valve whenever they want. For too long enthusiasts have had to pay too much for command of their exhaust. We solve that issue. These controllers connect to the vacuum solenoid in the trunk to provide the driver control over their exhaust flap. Before purchasing please ensure your car has a VACUUM style exhaust valve. These DO NOT fit on electronic valves. 





In regards to fitment, many BMWs have the exhaust flap and our controller can be used. In the pictures below you will find the control unit. If your car has this, then this product will fit your car. 

BMW Fitments:  (Consult description) 

1 Series
E82 / E88 (08-13) > 135i

3 Series
E90  / E92 / E93 (07-13) > 335i

5 Series
E60 / E61 (04-10) > 545i
E60 / E61 (04-10) > 550i

5 Series
F10 / F11 (11-16) > 528i
F10 / F11 (11-16) > 528i xDrive
F10 / F11 (11-16) > 550i
F10 / F11 (11-16) > 550i xDrive
F10 / F11 (11-16) > M5 (2013-2016)

6 Series
F12 / F13 (12-18) > 650i
F12 / F13 (12-18) > 650i xDrive
F12 / F13 (12-18) > M6

7 Series
F01 / F02 (2009+) > 750Li
F01 / F02 (2009+) > 750Li xDrive
F01 / F02 (2009+) > 760Li

X Series
E70 X5 (07-13) > X5 M
E70 X5 (07-13) > X5 xDrive35i

X Series
E71 X6 (08-14) > X6 M
E71 X6 (08-14) > X6 xDrive35i
E71 X6 (08-14) > X6 xDrive50i

X Series
E84 X1 (2013-2015) > X1 28i
E84 X1 (2013-2015) > X1 28i xDrive
E84 X1 (2013-2015) > X1 35i xDrive

X Series
F25 X3 (2011-2017) > X3 sDrive28i
F25 X3 (2011-2017) > X3 xDrive28i
F25 X3 (2011-2017) > X3 xDrive35i

X Series
F26 X4 (2015-2018) > X4 28i xDrive
F26 X4 (2015-2018) > X4 35i xDrive

Z Series
E89 Z4 (2009-2016) > Z4 sDrive28i
E89 Z4 (2009-2016) > Z4 sDrive35i
E89 Z4 (2009-2016) > Z4 sDrive35is




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