Order Issues

Valvetronic Designs wants you happy - let’s work together to get any issues resolved!  Please note these key points before proceeding with any claim:

      • Start at the original place of purchase. 100% of claims start with the original place of purchase, and all refunds, if granted, are through the original place of purchase. Call them first.
      • If you remove, we can not approve. If a product issue is discovered after installation, do not remove the product before receiving confirmation of a return approval from the original place of purchase. On-car information can often lead to diagnosis and action plans; Valvetronic Designs requires a chance to address in this manner. Post-install products removed prior to return authorization will be denied any warranty claim.
      • Any alterations or attempts to fix will void the warranty. This includes welding, bending, or any ad-hoc methods that alter the product in any way.
      • All warranties are for the original owner only. Second owners can purchase replacement components if needed.
      • If you are a dealer or bought through VALVETRONIC DESIGNS directly, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
      • Orders or parts of orders canceled more than 48 hours after placement will be assessed a 20% raw-materials allocation fee. This applies to all exhaust systems. If a special operations exhaust is ordered and it is not in stock, please allow for 8 to 12 weeks for it to be manufactured for you. 


    • An order can NOT be canceled if it has shipped.


For assistance on your order please fill out our support form using our website's support system to submit an inquiry for assistance by clicking the button below.