Thank you for becoming part of the Valvetronic Designs Family. We are taking this opportunity to get the community involved in our mission of becoming the worlds greatest exhaust company and we need your help! We are offering 10% back on your system if you make some content with your setup and upload it to youtube!

Here is how it works:
Follow these steps to make your video! Please check below for example videos.
  1. Revs
    1. Valves open vs closed
  1. Flybys (open vs closed)
    1. Low speed 
    2. Medium speed 
    3. High speed (ACCENTUATE HIGH RPMS!)
  1. Interior footage
    1. showcasing the interior exhaust experience
  1. Launch control (if applicable)
  1. Go pro on the rear bumper for raw sound (preferred if you have it)
    1. Shot horizontal, NOT vertical! (iPhone shots are perfect!)
    2. NOT a YouTube short, must be a full video 
  1. Title your video with; "The car and the Valvetronic Designs exhaust component being used."
    1. BMW E92 M3 with Valvetronic designs V2 exhaust – revs, startup, sound clips
    2. Ford Mustang S197 with Valvetronic Designs Universal mufflers + long tube headers – Startup, flyby, interior sound clips
    3. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ With Valvetronic Designs Full exhaust system – sound clips
  1. Include the product link in the video description and include a short text summary of your favorite part of your Valvetronic system.
    1. "Absolutely loving my BMW N55 M2 valve sport exhaust system. My favorite part about it is the difference between loud and quiet. I'm able to roll out of my neighborhood super quietly and then really enjoy my favorite car events with the valves opened!"
Fill out the form below and we will review your video. If you video meets the requirements we will refund your 10% back to your original payment method!
  • Applicable to original purchaser only.
  • A maximum of 10% can be refunded. If you purchased your system with a discount, the maximum amount that can be refunded is up to 10% off of MSRP 
  • The video CAN NOT be a youtube short
  • 3 months to produce video after system is delivered.
  • Video must have the proper requirements, it can NOT have music covering the sound of the vehicle.
  • Video must stay posted to youtube, if the video is removed after credit is received you will be re-billed.
  • Video MUST showcase each different scenario, it can not be 2:59 of revs than 5 seconds of flybys. 
  • Videos must have clear labels of when valves are open or closed, you can use captions in youtube if you do not wish to put text in the video
  • ONLY the original payment method can be refunded. There will be no outside payments.
  • *If the system is purchased through a Valvetronic Dealer, you will need to contact your dealer for your refund to be processed. Please speak to your dealer when filling out the form to confirm the correct Valvetronic order number.*
    • If purchased through a dealer please link the product to their website

Still need help? Contact our support team via the link below.