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Valvetronic Designs

Truck/SUV Valved Muffler Kit

Truck/SUV Valved Muffler Kit

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Welcome to a sound revelation for all truck/SUV enthusiasts. At Valvetronic Designs, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy incredible exhaust sound sound and have the flexibility to choose when that sound is experienced. Any truck or SUV should have that perfect sound, and it is a vital part of the vehicle's experience. Many of these vehicles have great powertrains, but from the factory, they are left wheezing as they pass by. The ability to choose when your truck is loud or quiet is crucial.

Unlike traditional exhaust systems, our product not only improves the sound of a vehicle’s exhaust, but also allows the driver to revert back to stock sound at a moment’s notice. Our exhausts allow for the driver the freedom to enjoy their vehicle when the opportunity is right, and switch to stock-like sound when the family is in the car, or when they do not want to bother their neighbors.

For those who enjoy hitting the trails, Valvetronic Design’s truck mufflers are a more flexible exhaust for less. Allowing drone free road trips, yet exciting off-roading experiences.

For those who enjoy the sporty versions of their family SUV, Valvetronic Designs’ Valved Muffler kits allow for high performance trucks to sound sporty and aggressive when the driver wants to have a more exciting drive experience, but also allow for a drone-free daily driving experience. 

We have developed the Truck/SUV valved muffler to be the perfect application for trucks and SUVs to give great power and performance and ultimate flexibility. Whether your truck is your daily vehicle or your building a pre-runner to tackle the dunes, this flexible exhaust solution allows you to have that perfect sound when you want to hear your vehicle sing and a quiet experience when the sound must be kept to a minimum. At Valvetronic Designs, we do not believe in compromising, and neither should you when it comes to choosing the best exhaust system for your truck.

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One of the best purchases I’ve made this year! More smiles per mile!

- Brenden Pullido