Why is the Valvetronic Designs Universal Muffler Different?

Why is the Valvetronic Designs Universal Muffler Different?

By: Brandon Arpin

Why You Should Have a Valvetronic Designs Muffler.

When it comes to being a car enthusiast in today’s day and age, loud vehicles are not preferred by everyone. Some states and towns have decibel limits that prevent car enthusiasts from enjoying their car and its sound. Let's be real, I think 99% of car enthusiasts want to hear their car scream and really enjoy it while driving. A vehicle for a car enthusiast doesn’t just take you from point A to B, it takes you from point A to point Z and back to point B while enabling the driver to enjoy every shift, RPM change, and corner/onramp. The Valvetronic Designs Universal Muffler kit is the best of both worlds for car enthusiasts. Why should we have to compromise for the boring side of society?

The Exhaust Solution for Angry Neighbors.

Whether it’s your neighbors who don't like your cold starts in the morning and your loud vehicle pulling into the driveway late at night, or the local authorities that seem to be attracted to a louder car more than normal traffic, Valvetronic Designs is the perfect solution. Their valved mufflers allow for any car or truck to have a loud or quiet mode with the touch of a button. This feature allows you to be loud when you’re hitting some backroads, on the track, or on the freeway, but virtually stock when you are in your own neighborhood. Some tracks have decibel limits as well, and this system allows you to quiet your car down easily so that you are not kicked off the track. Now most comments on Valvetronic videos say “F*** the neighbors” or “My neighbors have no business with my car,” which may be true, but if they were playing drums too loud early in the morning we would want them to quiet it down too, right? For a starting cost of $399, all of these problems would immediately be eliminated, without sacrificing the true sound of your car. As the issue of loud cars and gas powered vehicles becomes larger in each state, Valvetronic Designs muffler kits are a perfect option for the car enthusiast.

Why should I get the Valvetronic Designs Muffler compared to other similar products?

A very popular response to this product is “But I can get it cheaper on ____.com.” While there are cheaper versions out there,  I guarantee no company has gone through almost 3 years of R&D making their mufflers the best they can possibly be. Valvetronic Designs has gone through 10+ versions of muffler designs to figure out what works best, which design has the best flow, which design gets rid of the “whooshing” sound of a muffler, etc. They also offer a 1 year warranty on each kit, which is something you won’t find elsewhere. Valvetronic also uses the best stainless steel. Each kit is constructed with T304 stainless steel designed to outlast the life of your vehicle.  In the rare occasion of an order issue, the Valvetronic Designs’ customer service team receives nothing but positive reviews on how the issue is resolved. They want to make the Valvetronic Experience the absolute best for each and every customer. The Valvetronic Team really puts most of their time and energy into making the Universal Muffler Kit perfect for every vehicle. There will always be competition and similar products on the market, but nobody has spent as much time, energy, and money making their mufflers better each and every day.

How To Install the Valvetronic Muffler.

Installation of the universal muffler is actually very easy. Any local muffler shop should be able to simply cut your factory muffler and weld ours in place within an hour. Make sure that the shop installs the muffler with the valve body end towards the rear of your vehicle or the sound difference will not be as pronounced open vs closed. When it comes to the vacuum control box, an in depth tutorial on how to hook it up can be found on Valvetronic Designs’ YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/ipVtwka9004 If you are mechanically savvy, you should be able to do this process yourself after the muffler has been installed to save some money. 

How a Valvetronic Muffler Works.

When it comes to changing the sound of your vehicle there are some points that need to be discussed. The Valvetronic Designs’ Universal Muffler kit is designed to have 2 paths: a quiet path where exhaust gasses pass through the baffled chamber, and a loud path where the exhaust gasses bypass the baffled chamber. These chambers do make a difference, but when it comes to vehicle exhaust systems, the rear muffler is not the only part that restricts exhaust noise. Each vehicle has extra restriction equipment like middle mufflers, resonators, etc. that restrict exhaust noise. In order to make the car as loud as possible and notice the largest loud vs quiet difference, these other parts would need to be more free flowing as well. The Valvetronic Designs Universal Kit can also be paired with other aftermarket exhaust systems that do not have a valve capability. This enables you to keep the same sound as your current system, while also having a valved option. 

Overall, the Valvetronic Designs’ Universal Muffler Kit is the best exhaust option for any car enthusiast. This system allows you to be courteous to neighbors without compromising, obey local laws without compromising, and truly experience your car the way YOU want to. With the increase in resentment towards loud cars, and with hybrids and EVs taking over, the Valvetronic Designs Mufflers are going to be the key for true car enthusiasts to stick around as long as possible.

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