Huracan/Audi R8  Development

Huracan/Audi R8 Development

Huracan / Audi R8 V10 

By: Austin Huffman

In the Pursuit of the ultimate sound experience the Huracan and Audi R8 V10 have struggled against their V  12 brothers. In our development of this exhaust platform, our goal is to return the even firing 5.0 V10 sound to the 5.2 V10 odd firing vehicles. At Valvetronic Designs we have developed a cat back system and free flow headers that return the even firing soul to the odd firing Huracan and Audi R8s. The headers for Audi R8 and the Lamborghini Huracan are identical besides EGR sensors on the headers for the later vehicles. Combining these headers with our valved exhaust system allows drivers the ultimate flexibility and a sound that is truly unparalleled in the market. In the past, it has proved extremely difficult to make the odd firing vehicles sound musical as the odd firing nature of the 5.2 engine doesn’t lend itself well to achieving the high pitch sound. This engine configuration gives a very loud but flat sound as the exhaust pulses do not exit evenly out of the headers. Our X pipe configuration equalizes the pulses before the exhaust gasses are fired out of the exhaust tips to give that smooth and much more exotic sound characteristics. At Valvetronic Designs, We do not compromise. Neither should you when it comes to choosing the greatest exhaust system for your Huracan or Audi R8.

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