About Us

Comprised of a group of Lehigh University Engineers, Valvetronic Designs originated to find a solution to one simple issue. The Issue that valvetronic exhaust technology was kept out of reach of traditional buyer’s due to insane pricing strategies. Our goal was to change that and bring Valvetronic Technology to those people who want it most. Our manufacturing facility is located in Chambersburg Pennsylvania, A small military town where we have a vast space to engineer our systems.

We have multiple highly skilled welders on staff in order to provide the highest quality welding possible and ensure that our systems are designed and built to last. We also believe in using the highest quality materials as this improves longevity, lowers weight, and improves sound characteristics. Our first exhaust system we ever put into production was for the 335i E9x. The reason we started on this platform was because one of our founders’ mothers didn't want to be in the car with her son because it was always too loud. He joined the team and convinced the other founders that the perfect platform to begin our journey was the E9x generation 335i. After countless months of testing and thousands of miles we were ready to debut the first Valvetronic Designs valved exhaust to the world. From that day forward we have been met with problems that seemed insurmountable but we have pushed forward. We were extremely fortunate to have tons of support from our fans and enthusiasts. We do what we do for the people. Cars are a way of life, an extension of ones’ beliefs and interests. Beyond the systems we make we want the world to remember us for bringing together people for the love of sound. Thank you so much for your support thus far in our journey. For reading this go ahead and take $5 off with discount code "about". As electric cars become the norm, we will be around making sure sound stays as the staple for emotion.

-Austin (Founder)



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