Lamborghini Urus Valved exhuast system 2018+

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Welcome to the valved exhaust solution for the Lamborghini Urus Platform. Like many cars of today, the Urus has incredible capabilities but lacks in overall passion. Uncorking the beast with a full exhaust system unlocks great potential for this platform. The system measures 2.75 all the way back to a beautiful set of forged carbon fiber tips. With the valves closed this system retains factory-like exhaust levels for comfortable cruising. when operating in the valves open more the silencer is fully bypassed giving this bull the set of lungs it deserves. An optional extra for this platform are our 200 cell sport downpipes or our catless race downpipes for those looking for even more performance and sound character. All systems are controlled Via vacuum valves for unparalleled longevity and flexibility. Its time to take your bull to the next level.


* This product is part of the Special Operations Exhaust program and is built to order

Available in your choice of Polished SS or our Signature Anodized Gold (coating will take an additional 2 weeks)

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