Porsche 911 Turbo (991) Full Valved exhaust system

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The 991 turbo is the performance car benchmark. Being amazing at every task is no small feat but just like all turbo Porsches, it leaves much to be desired in the sound department. We solve the sound issue starting at the exhaust manifolds. running our CAD designed and CFD tested manifold setup helps increase the pitch of our exhaust to give a much more motorsport tone. When operating the system in the valves open mode, exhaust gasses, once passed through the turbos travel straight 13 inches out of the back of the car for an uncorrupted Porsche sound experience. When running in the valves closed mode, sound passes through 2 quad chambered mufflers in order to lower sound levels significantly. a Center X-pipe is added to smooth exhaust flow and eliminate drone. Its time to make your 991 Turbo sound like it always should have.


The details

  • Fully Mandrel bend for maximum flow
  • Precision tig welds for high strength
  • Built from T304 Stainless Steel
  • Beautiful tips to match your Turbo's rear
  • Vacuum actuated valves 
  • 9.5 lbs. Lighter than factory exhaust
  • 100% REVERSABLE, always able to go back to stock at any time


* This product is part of the Special Operations Exhaust program and is built to order

Available in your choice of Polished SS or our Signature Anodized Gold (coating will take an additional 2 weeks)

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