Will the Valvetronic Muffler Fit my Vehicle?

Will the Valvetronic Muffler Fit my Vehicle?

By: Brandon Arpin

Will the Valvetronic Designs Muffler Fit my Car/Truck?

This is a question the Valvetronic Designs team has been asked tens of thousands of times, and the answer for 99% of vehicles is YES! We have designed this muffler to be more compact than 99% of factory and aftermarket mufflers available for cars and truck so that you can replace any muffler with our system to have valved functionality. 

How can I double-check that the muffler will fit?

The dimensions of each size muffler can be found as product images on the muffler product listing and below. As long as our muffler is smaller than the factory or aftermarket muffler you are replacing with it, you should have no problems getting it to fit. Minor fabrication work at the installer's shop might be needed to get the angle right for the tips and muffler to fit perfect, but this is usually a very straightforward process if you choose the correct shop to install the system.

How do I install the Valvetronic muffler?

Since we receive this question so much, we made an in depth install guide for you and your exhaust shop to view if it is their first time installing this kind of exhaust system. The muffler installation is very similar to any other muffler install process involving welding. The vacuum control box install has a bit of a learning curve, but it is easy enough for a customer to set that up on their own and have the exhaust shop only deal with installing the muffler itself. 
Muffler Install Guide can be found HERE.
Vacuum Box Install Guide can be found HERE.
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