The Valvetronic Designs Truck/SUV Muffler

The Valvetronic Designs Truck/SUV Muffler

Why Does the Valvetronic Designs Truck/SUV Muffler Exist?

The Valvetronic Designs Truck/SUV Universal Muffler was designed to give the operator the ultimate experience. The purchase of a truck or SUV is normally one that takes a lot of time and processing to understand if it is best for the family or if it’s best for a certain business application. As these vehicles are workhorses and designed to be utilized every day the value of having a flexible exhaust solution becomes even more important. Across the many different trucks and SUVs out there on the market, there are many exhaust systems to choose from. Very few of which will offer the same flexibility that the Valvetronic Designs Universal Valved Muffler will. Most valved exhaust applications for these vehicles are extremely expensive. As this vehicle has a utilitarian purpose, it is hard to justify spending so much for that perfect experience. At Valvetronic Designs we have engineered our mufflers to give you that perfect flexible sound experience without breaking the bank. Installation is very simple and the experience of having that perfect exhaust solution makes your truck or SUV even more enjoyable than previously thought possible.


How does the Valvetronic Designs Truck/SUV Muffler Work?

The Valvetronic Designs Universal Valved Muffler Kit for Trucks and SUVs works by giving you the on-demand control of your exhaust path. When you want to enjoy your vehicle's raw, aggressive sound, one push of the Valvetronic Designs key fob will open the exhaust valves and allow the exhaust gases to travel unrestricted through the muffler casing. When sound levels must be kept to a minimum, or there are other occupants in the car who are not interested in the noise, the exhaust valves can be closed and the gasses will be passed through our chambered and packed muffler, in order to minimize sound levels to a stock-like experience. Giving the driver the flexibility allows them more control over their experience with their vehicle and helps avoid many criticisms of loud trucks. Those early morning start ups or coming home late are now no longer an issue because with Valvetronic Designs you’re able to choose when sound is necessary or not.

Why get the Valvetronic Designs Universal Muffler instead of a full exhaust or another muffler?

The main value of this configuration allows the driver added flexibility. Enthusiasts around the world have ditched the traditional exhaust set ups and muffler designs in favor of the Universal Valve Muffler products because they offer an experience that very few other exhaust systems can match. You may find yourself saying, “I don’t care about my neighbors," or "I don't have the need to be quiet.” We have found that although you might not love your neighbors, this added flexibility helps avoid unwanted attention from the authorities, and once you enjoy the flexibility you have at the touch the button, you won’t be able to live without it. As enthusiasts, we understand that our hobby is incredibly important to us. Being able to close those exhaust valves and keep the unwanted attention away allows your enjoyment to be heightened because there are no more compromises. We have found many people have purchased exhaust systems and then have added our Universal Mufflers into their current exhaust systems for added flexibility. Additionally, we have seen folks who will replace their OEM muffler with the Valvetronic Mufflers and have had great results. The possibilities are endless but what comes guaranteed is your enjoyment of the flexibility. Once you enjoy this incredible new experience, you will understand why you should never compromise.

 We have been incredibly fortunate to put the Valvetronic Designs universal valve, muffler kit for trucks and SUVs on a myriad of different vehicles. Below are some of the vehicles we put the systems on and our results.


2013 Ford F150 Raptor 6.2 V8 with Valvetronic Designs Universal Mufflers

The V8 raptor is our favorite raptor, and by far the best sounding with some great exhaust mods. With this Ford Raptor, we deleted the front resonator and the large muffler and replaced it with our 3 inch Valvetronic Muffler. The customer is looking for a nice daily driving friendly sound, and to be very docile when closed. By removing the resonator and the muffler, the customer was afraid the exhaust would be too loud, but because of the Valvetronic Mufflers characteristics, the sound was perfect for him. A nice rumble down, low, aggressive up high with absolutely no drone in the cabin with the valves open or the valves closed.

On this platform, if you’re looking for the set up to be much more aggressive, the best option is to run the exhaust duals all the way back. From factory, the Ford raptor has a single 3 inch exhaust, but if you’re looking to make the vehicle very aggressive, running the exhaust dual 2.5 inch all the way back with two valve mufflers is recommended. This way there is more flow and more aggression.


2015 Ford F250 6.2L with Valvetronic Designs Universal Muffler

Similar to the Ford Raptor, the F250 uses of similar 6.2 L V8. This means there’s tons of great sound lurking beneath the restrictive factory exhaust. The factory exhaust measures 3 inches all the way back and we removed the resonator and muffler, replacing them with a single 3 inch Universal Valved Muffler. This gave the truck a nice aggressive, raw sound when opened and an extremely docile stock-like sound level when the valves were closed. This customer's F250 is his only vehicle. He was looking for it to be super dynamic and the Universal Valved Muffler delivered. With the valves open, you get great sound all the way through the rev range and there is no drone in the cabin. With the valves closed, the truck sounds completely stock, perfect for towing a trailer or long road trips when sound must be kept to a minimum.


Ford Explorer ST 3.0 Twin Turbo V6 with Valvetronic Designs Universal Mufflers

These Explorer STs can be made to sound like the bigger Ford GT brother as the engines are quite similar. For this customer, they already had a set of free flowing down pipes and we combine this with an x-pipe where the center resonator was, and a set of our 2.5 Inch Valved Mufflers in the rear. With the valves closed, the sound is extremely docile. The vehicle sounds nearly stock, and there are very little frequencies inside the cabin. With valves opened this Explorer absolutely rips. The sound is super aggressive and raw all the way through the rev range. Additionally, you get some very enjoyable pops and cracks on the overrun naturally. The customer decided to opt for a set of our carbon fiber tips, but there are other exhaust tip options available as well. We were extremely impressed on how well the Universal Mufflers worked on this platform, helping avoid drone and give the customer incredible raw aggressive sound

Toyota Tundra 5.4 iForce V8 with Valvetronic Designs Universal Mufflers

The V8 in the Toyota tundra has the ability to produce great sound with the correct modifications. Before the modifications, the vehicle had the TRD exhaust system, but this setup was lacking a lot of the volume and aggressive sound. We removed the two large bottle-style mufflers in the midsection of the exhaust and installed two 2.5 Inch Truck/SUV Universal Valved Mufflers. With the valves closed the vehicle was extremely docile, and there was no drone in the cabin. With the valves open this tundra absolutely ripped, having an incredible soundtrack all the way to the 6000 RPM redline. The vehicle had also been previously supercharged so the improvement and exhaust flow added power and performance that was noticeable behind the wheel.


Whatever vehicle you decide to put the Valvetronic Designs Universal Mufflers on, we can guarantee that you will absolutely love the newfound flexibility and enjoyment of this perfect exhaust solution. At Valvetronic Designs, we do not compromise and neither should you when it comes to building and enjoying the perfect exhaust setup for your truck or SUV.



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