If the system is installed with the controller and is not functioning,


  1. first step is to remove the Valvetronic Designs controller from the solenoid and check to see if on cold startup the valve operates. If the flap functions that means there is an issue with the exhaust flap controller. Please email us and we will source a replacement


  1. If the System still does not function once the controller has been removed the next step is to remove the vacuum line from the exhaust valve. Once removed, start the car and put your finger on the exhaust vacuum line to feel if there is vacuum pressure in that line. If there is not that means there is a problem with your cars vacuum solenoid Part number 11747810831 and this part most likely needs to be replaced.



  1. If the vacuum flap was not working on the stock muffler with stock controller setup this solenoid is most likely the issue.


  1. If Vacuum Pressure is present but the valve is not operating, spray penetrating oil onto the exhaust valve itself and operate the valve by hand. This will loosen the valve up and it should function properly.


  1. If you need a replacement exhaust tip you can order it here:





If you are experiencing problems with your E9XM3 controller here are some of the potential resolutions.


  1. If you see that there is no light on the control box this normally indicates the control box has a bad ground. You can purchase a replacement box here:


  1. When connected to power if the control box is lit up and you hear an audible response when you actuate the remote this means the control box is operating properly and the problem is elsewhere.


  1. If the light Is on and one of the two valves is not working you will need to check to see if the valve module is the culprit or the line from the exhaust valve to the control box. To do this switch the left to the right exhaust valve line and see if the problem switches to the other valve. If the opposite valve now stops working you know that it is the wires from the valve to the control box. You can order replacement exhaust valve lines here:


  1. If when you do the swap the same valve is not functioning this means you will need to order a replacement exhaust valve available here:


  1. If you install the system and the exhaust tips are sticking out too far there are a couple of resolutions. You will need to trim the back of the tips in order to have them sit flush. We make the tips as long as possible as we know every fitment application is different and by making the tips longer it allows for cutting if you need to make them shorter in order to have them match your diffuser or rear bumper outlet.


  1. If there is a fitment issue, where the exhaust does not fit up to your car perfectly, you and your installer might need to make minor adjustments to the system in order to make it fit your car properly. Due to the multitude of different exhaust combinations, including different mid-pipes and beyond, the system may not fit perfectly on your car and may require slight adjustments.




If your F CHASSIS exhaust is not operating properly here are some of the potential resolutions.


  1. If you install the system and follow the install guide you should have installed the valve in the CLOSED position if the valve is not fully closing you will need to bend the spring supplied in the kit in order to bottom out the valve. This can be done using a set of needle nose pliers. The reason for doing this is to alter the spring so that the valve is pinned shut in order to reduce and negate rattle altogether.


  1. If the valve is stuck or will not operate please ensure that your valve is properly connected using the valve extension harness. If the harness is installed properly and the valve still does not actuate please remove the exhaust valve and see if there is a bind in the exhaust valve itself. If there is a problem with the exhaust valve body not opening and closing properly please contact us and we will get you sorted out.


  1. If you install the system and install the valve properly and notice the valve is not actuating open and closed there might be a problem with your physical exhaust valve supplied by BMW. If you notice that there is no movement and everything is plugged in properly there is a chance that the previous owner of your car or the BMW dealer coded out the exhaust valve function. If you have the BimmerLink app and the exhaust valve function page says, “this option is not supported,” you will need to consult your local BMW dealer in order to have the module recoded to restore the valves actuating properties.


  1. If you are installing the system and noticed that there is a problem with the fitment of the system we invite you to understand that all F 30s are slightly different and there is a lot of movement in the mid pipe. There may need to be alterations made to the tip outlets using a rubber mallet in order to have the tips exit perfectly out of your diffuser.

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