If the system is installed with the controller and is not functioning,
  1. first step is to remove the Valvetronic Designs controller from the solenoid and check to see if on cold startup the valve operates. If the flap functions that means there is an issue with the exhaust flap controller. Please email us and we will source a replacement  
  2. If the System still does not function once the controller has been removed the next step is to remove the vacuum line from the exhaust valve. Once removed, start the car and put your finger on the exhaust vacuum line to feel if there is vacuum pressure in that line. If there is not that means there is a problem with your cars vacuum solenoid Part number 11747810831 and this part most likley needs to be replaced.
  1.  If the vacuum flap was not working on the stock muffler with stock controller setup this solenoid is most likley the issue. 
  2. If Vacuum Pressure is present but the valve is not operating, spray penetrating oil onto the exhaust valve itself and operate tthe valve by hand. This will loosen the valve up and it should function properly.

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