BMW F chassis M235i / 335i / 435i SOUND GUIDE

BMW F chassis M235i / 335i / 435i SOUND GUIDE



Level 1:
Valvetronic Designs valved rear section

For those looking for a little bit more sound and the ability to control their sound level on the fly the best way to go is with the Valvetronic designs valved axle back. This is roughly 30% louder than stock. If someone is looking for a subtle bump in sound quality this is the best way to go. Having the valve open gives you nice pops and having the valves closed keeps that stock sound level

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Level 2:
Valvetronic Designs valved rear section + resonator delete

Level two is when one has the valved rear section but want a bit more aggression. With the resonator deleted you get more pops and more aggression on the downshifts. With the Zf8 speed transmission, upshifts and downshifts are met with pops and farts. Deleting the resonator will increase the sound level by roughly 10% more sound than level one

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Level 3
Valvetronic Designs valved rear section + catted downpipe

Adding a catted downpipe is a great way to see big power gains as well as sound gains. When you change the factory 800 cell downpipe to a 200 cell downpipe exhaust tone changes drastically. The sound quality gets a lot more raw. The downpipe is the most restrictive part of the exhaust and upgrading it to a 200 cell race cat leaves your emissions equipment intact allowing you to pass inspection, but gives you incredible sound gains. It’s vital to have a valved rear section to be able to control when the car is loud and quiet.

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Level 4
Valvetronic Designs valved rear section + resonator delete + catted downpipe

For more sound, just as in level 2, deleting the resonator is a great way to get more pops and snaps without affecting drivability. As the resonator is a free-flowing section of the exhaust deleting it only makes the setup 10-20% louder than with it still in place

Level 5
Valvetronic Designs valved rear section + free flow downpipe

Go in free flow is where things get extremely rowdy. Free flow is not for everyone, it smells and you will have to find a way to pass emissions but it makes the car sound glorious. Deleting the factory 800 cell cat to free-flowing downpipe gives you the ability to push more boost and more power. When fully free flow, the exhaust is extremely aggressive. With valve open be prepared for snaps on the shifts and pure sound on acceleration pulls.

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Level 6
Valvetronic Designs valved rear section + resonator delete + free flow downpipe

Level six is the last and most aggressive level for the F chassis BMWs. This is a complete straight pipe and having valves is vital. With no restriction the exhaust tone is very motorsport, extremely loud and very aggressive. For those who want the most aggressive sound possible going and free flow and removing resonators and mufflers will get you this raw sound experience but there are drawbacks with a catalyst downpipe the car smells and emissions is a concern. With this setup be prepared to see flames with a proper tune

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