Mclaren 720s Bespoke exhaust (Special Ops)

Mclaren 720s Bespoke exhaust (Special Ops)

The McLaren 3.8 and 4.0-liter engines are engineering marvels. the fact that a bone stock McLaren 720S will run 9s at the drag strip is truly astounding feat. The trouble is these cars lack distinct personality out of the box. One of our long-time customers came to us to help solve this issue. Our customer was worried about losing his McLaren Factory warranty when doing an exhaust so we reached out to the local McLaren dealer for him to confirm that our customer would not lose his warranty from the exhaust. After confirming the good news, we began work on the exhaust. To improve pitch, we designed a large center X pipe in order to increase exhaust scavenging and give the 720s the wail it needed out of the factory. This system, constructed out of the highest quality Stainless Steel T304, gave the owner exactly what he was looking for ignorer to increase his enjoyment of this increase car. Finishing off the rear end with some Forged Carbon tips this McLaren 720S represents the Dark night license plate extremely well. 




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