Ferrari 458 Bespoke Valved Muffler Bypass

Ferrari 458 Bespoke Valved Muffler Bypass

The Ferrari 458 is considered by many to be one of the greatest sounding cars to have been birthed out of Modena. The shriek you get as the 4.5 liter spins towards that 9,000 rpm redline is definitely something to savor. Our customer came to us wanting something different than what the competition was offering. He wanted the purest sound possible without increasing the pitch. It is known that adding an Xpipe to the Ferrari 458 exhaust drastically increases the Pitch of the system but our customer wanted something unique. What we designed for him was a new type of muffler bypass system with valves and small mini mufflers in order to lessen sound levels. Combined with an OEM exhaust valve controller we increased the sound levels of this wonderful Berlinetta without compromising the OEM sound tone our customer loved so much.


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